Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Truly Unlimited Data on Visible

Truly Unlimited Data on Visible

There are so many alternative mobile carriers these days, but only one is Visible.  Visible offers what no other carrier (including T-mobile) can do, truly unlimited everything, talk, text, and data.

What is Visible?

Visible is trying to offer something different that all the other small carriers, unlimited data.  Per the video at the top of this article, it is legitimately possible to get a GINORMOUS amount of data in one month. 

There is no physical store for Visible, there is no one that you can visit to get help or repairs.  Everything is via the app.  Even Customer support is lean with Visible.  This technique is employed by Visible to maintain lower cost and thereby savings to the customer.

Visible is yet another Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), like Mint, or Cricket, or Ting.  Visible is not the primary carrier, they are on Verizon's network.  Thankfully, this usually means that you will have exceptional coverage in the United States.  Big Red tends to have the best coverage, even in extremely rural areas.

Why Do This?

I cannot think of any time in the past when I have been able to get more than 100 GB of data out of any carrier or even an MVNO without paying astronomical prices.  But since getting north of 175 GB in a month with no overage charges and no throttling, WHY NOT DO THIS?

While most carriers offer unlimited talk and text, no one comes close to truly unlimited data that is actually usable.  Sure, T-mo, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T offer unlimited, but it is either at HUGE cost or unusable SPEEDS.   Visible does neither of these, it is a reasonable cost and very usable speeds.  Nothing else could get you to nearly 200 GB in one month.

Tricks to get more out of the App (or device)

  • Use a Laptop - Connect your Phone to a Laptop and use the data through it
  • Use Mobile WiFi Hotspot - connect other devices to the Phone's Mobile Hotspot

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