Wednesday, June 12, 2019

HoneyGain: Sweet Money

Sweet Money

You may have heard of this on the internet; how you can run this on your phone and make some extra money.  It's definitely a real thing.  Using your spare data, HoneyGain will pay you for any bandwidth that you're not using via your phone.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for HoneyGain
  2. Login
  3. Make Money

If only it weren't so vague.  The way that HoneyGain puts it is that "Data Scientists use HoneyGain's network to connect to the internet.  Honeygain manages the connections and payments.  Then your unused net traffic is shared with these scientists." The only thing I can guess is that the vagueness is just hiding the way that someone is using HoneyGain as a way to mine crypto on your phone.  Yeah, they're paying you, so what do you care...

Be fair warned.  DO NOT USE THIS ON MOBILE.  It will destroy your mobile data plan.  Use it only on your home or public WiFi access.  The ratio of payment is $0.01 per 10 MB of data.  So a 2 GB plan will net you about $2.  You will need at least 20 GB to get make it to the minimum pay out of $20

Virtual Android

If you do not have an Android phone, but you do have a PC Or Mac you can download BlueStacks and create a virtual Android phone (which if you don't use it for HoneyGain is pretty cool on its own).  And create between 1 and 8 instances of Android.  I recommend keeping it to no more than 4 instances because any more may crash your computer.  Make one instance that is fully setup, then turn it off and copy it 4 times.  Then turn all of them on.

Get Real Paid

There are currently two ways to cash out.

  1. Gift Cards
  2. ACH (direct to bank account)

Why do this?

  1. Money. Plain and simple... if you dedicate your phone to this task 24 x 7 x 30.  You will get about $50 and if you do that for a full 12 month period, you'll get just enough to so that Honey Gain doesn't have to get you a 1099-Misc
  2. Passive Income. It's one of the most simple money making apps on the planet. 
There isn't honestly a whole lot more to say about this app.  It's really dead simple.  Download, Signup, Run.

Tricks to get more out of the App

  1. Run it on as MANY DEVICES as you have available.
  2. If you have an OLD PHONE, reset to stock and setup one account
  3. Use BLUESTACKS (Android Emulator) to create more instances on your computer 

Check out the App on



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